The TankSure® Program inspection process is loved by realtors because it helps oil heated homes sell. The program helps transactions close because once the inspection is completed the buyer will be offered a FREE $1,000-$2,500 Tank Replacement Payment (for qualified tanks). This added bit of security may be what your client needs to feel confident in completing the purchase of the inspected property. This inspection process for homes with above ground fuel oil tanks is conducted by home inspectors and oil companies at the time of closing. The fuel oil tank is inspected with an ultrasonic testing device using an EPA approved process. The testing allows the inspector to determine the level of degradation that is occurring inside the tank. Once the tank has been inspected and qualified the buyer will be rewarded with a FREE Tank Replacement Payment as long as they sign up as a delivery customer with a TankSure® Program participating fuel oil dealer. The TankSure® Program only partners with the highest quality fuel oil dealers so the buyer will not only receive the FREE Tank Replacement Payment but they will be assured that they receive unparalleled service and competitive fuel pricing.

Participating home inspectors and fuel oil companies have received extensive training from Boston Environmental. The training course is certified by ASHI, NACHI, and NAHI for home inspectors as well as NORA certified for fuel oil companies.

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